The AAA Logo

The AAA logo is our unique signature on every piece of visual communication we produce. Each employee will follow these basic rules to represent our logo with integrity across the country.

The internal Auto Club Group logo is never to be used in external communications.


Reversed Logo

The logo can be reversed out of solid red, solid blue and dark backgrounds. Any design using the reverse logo must be approved first by the AAA marketing team.

Black & White Logo

In rare cases where color isn't available, our logo should be displayed in solid black.

One-Color Printing

A black or white masterbrand used with a solid color is the preferred method. Use the following examples as guidelines:
  • The AAA Masterbrand may be printed all white on solid colors.
  • The background color should complement the masterbrand.
  • The background color should provide sufficient contrast for complete legibility of the masterbrand.
  • When printing in grayscale, use a white masterbrand when the background has a contrast value of 60% or above. If the background has a value of 50% or lower, use a black masterbrand.
  • The space between the A's in the oval should show as the background color; avoid filling in the masterbrand with a different color such as white.
  • The background should not have a pattern that detracts from the masterbrand.
  • If the background detracts from the masterbrand, use a complimentary solid colored box behind the masterbrand.

Using Clear Space

Clarity, consistency and visibility are the most important criteria for proper clear space. To maintain its visual integrity, the logo should not appear to be crowded by other distracting elements such as text, titles and photographic background. Examples of clear space allowance are shown in the graphic below, designating a distance from any touch point of the masterbrand and its descriptor element equal to the distance of one-half (.5X) the height of the masterbrand oval's vertical center.

Clear Space Examples


Logo Usage Don'ts

DO NOT attempt to replicate the logo "from scratch" or replace the logotype with any other typeface. The logotype has been designed to appear a certain way and should not be modified. Reproduce the logo from original digital files only.


Our logo looks its best displayed against white or very light backgrounds. Do not place the logo over solid colors or photos.